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Infrared Sauna + COLD PLUNGE

Recover Well.
Stay Well.

At SweatHouz we believe that in order to live well, you must recover well, which is why we designed our brand to compliment your current lifestyle and wellness routine. SweatHouz infrared saunas, cold plunge tubs, hydromassage, and Celluma red light therapy offer a full range of benefits. Whether you're looking to burn calories, boost metabolism, clear skin, strengthen immunity, detox, improve circulation, or simply escape for an hour of relaxation, you can find what you need through our doors. At SweatHouz we are constantly looking to innovate and advance our services to help improve your life.

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Member Testimonials

"Loved it! Was having constant back spasms and it's relieved so much of the pain! Loved it so much, I got a membership to treat myself every couple weeks! Nice staff. Extremely clean. Thoroughly sanitized. My only complaint is that the shower water kept going from cool to burning hot and never stayed a stable, comfortable temperature when showering after my sweat. Even still, I highly recommend!"

- Ebony

SweatHouz Vinings

"Absolutely loved it! This was my first experience at a sauna. They provide you with a private room, music, an ipad, plenty of towels, and full control over you experience with the thermostat inside. You can change the temperature along with the light color and brightness. Afterwards, you can use the Vitamin-C infused shower where they also give you all the shampoo and body wash. After all that, you get a cooling towel with the essential oil scent of your choice. I felt completely refreshed and had the best night's sleep in years! Highly recommend trying it out if you've never been there before."

- John

SweatHouz Sandy Springs

“This was beyond words. I feel amazing. So refreshed and relaxed. So worth the money. I went by myself and I will continue to go by myself. I loved every bit of it.”

- Chelsia

SweatHouz Sandy Springs

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will be back! The place is clean and the experience is refreshing.

I appreciated that they text you the day before to ask preferences and give parking directions. My room was set up to my preferences when I arrived so I spent no time on that. You can set whatever mood you like and customize the temp and lighting. They offer Fiji water and have a filtered fountain for those who bring their own bottles.

The sauna pods are supplied with the basics needed to reset yourself after your session: soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion, deodorant, shower caps.”

- Devin

SweatHouz Midtown

“Amazing experience today! The entire facility is super clean and comfortable. The staff was very friendly and answered all of my questions. The private sauna suites were so well thought out. They even had hair ties. I’ll definitely return.”

- Shon

SweatHouz Sandy Springs

“Great service and amenities at SweatHouz in Plano! Been with them since the start and could not be happier the therapeutic benefits of daily hot sauna and now with the cold plunge. The entire team there is top notch and Alex is extremely responsive so please ask for her if you have any questions.”

- Andy

SweatHouz Plano

“This place is amazing. Not only is It a release from regular day life it also provides amazing customer service as well as a clean environment. I would have never thought to take care of myself In a healthy environment before I went to Sweat Houz. If clean it’s relaxing it’s beneficial to you everybody’s health and many more! The staff is amazing”

- Kaleen

SweatHouz Mt Pleasant

“Such a relaxing experience with the right ambience. You can listen to music or watch Netflix on a provided iPad and take a refreshing shower afterwards.
They follow up with you after your first visit to see how you liked it. Highly recommend!”

- Juan

SweatHouz Mt Pleasant