I N F R A R E D  S A U N A S



Once you're booked, here's all you need to know as you prepare to come in and sweat!

Arrive 5 minutes early for a suite tour and introduction!

Stay Hydrated! Bring a water bottle or purchase one at the studio.

Sheet masks and liquid IV are available for purchase.

Dress up (or down) to your comfort level. Your hour will be spent in a private sauna suite with en-suite vitamin C infused shower.

All studios offer full towel service and suites come fully equipped with makeup remover, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and deodorant.

Hair ties and shower caps are available.


Once you check-in, you will select your scented cold compress and be shown to your suite - The rest is up to you!

Customize your experience with a chromotherapy color of your choice.

En-suite entertainment includes surround sound where you can stream your favorite music, podcasts, meditation app, or streaming service using your en-suite iPad.

Your sauna is preheated to 140ºF and fully adjustable to your comfort level. (120º-175ºF)
Insider tip: You will get the benefits of infrared regardless of the temp 

We recommend 30-45 minutes in the sauna.

Remember to stay hydrated while you sweat.



We recommend allowing yourself 15 minutes to enjoy our private vitamin-C infused shower.

Easily transition to the en-suite shower to rinse off post-sweat.


The vitamin C infusion leaves your hair and skin feeling softer and smoother.


Returning to the office or headed to another appointment and need to finish getting ready? Head out of your suite to our Beauty Bar, equipped with Dyson hot tools.


At the end of your session - don't sweat the clean up! You can leave your towels in your suite for our team to take care of.

We recommend sweating 3-4/week for optimal benefits. Stop by the front desk or use the SweatHouz app to book your next appointment!


You may continue to sweat after your appointment as your body works to cool down your internal temperature.