redlight therapy.

Improve skin tone and texture, reduce the appearance of acne scarring, sleep better, and enjoy anti-aging benefits. Celluma uses low-level light therapy delivered by high intensity LEDs known to improve skin health.

low-level light.

Celluma uses low-level light therapy delivered by high intensity LEDs known to improve skin health, tone, and texture. Additionally, LED light therapy treatments are non-invasive, painless and require no recovery time. Importantly, Celluma devices are also FDA-approved Class II medical devices cleared for over-the-counter-use, which indicates proof of high quality evidence to suggest efficacy of treatment for several conditions.

Research has shown that regular LED therapy (several treatments per week) can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve acne prone skin, skin tone, texture and clarity, decrease under eye wrinkles as well as ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm, and pain associated with arthritis.

the benefits.

Frequently Asked

Most research studies have shown positive results after using Redlight Therapy several times per week for 4 or more weeks. Consider accessorizing your sweat with Redlight Therapy at least once per week, depending on your membership package.
We recommend having clean, dry skin while using the Redlight Therapy. Following your Services, utilize our private en suite showers and Beauty Bar as needed.
Chromotherapy, also called Color Therapy, is a holistic health tool that may alter your mood. Chromotherapy is available as part of our infrared sauna experience to help members create a relaxing environment customized to their preferences. Redlight therapy, in contrast, is an FDA-approved class II medical device that uses LED light to promote skin health and cell regeneration.
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