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Can’t wait to see the new studio? Neither can we! Take an exclusive virtual tour and get a sneak peek into the serene and rejuvenating environment we’ve created just for you. See our state-of-the-art facilities all from the comfort of your home.
Every private suite is equipped with infrared sauna, cold plunge tub, vitamin-c infused shower, en-suite entertainment & towel service.

Immerse yourself in studio

Double your benefits in a private Contrast Therapy suite. Contrast therapy is a scientifically-backed approach to self-care, combining hot and cold temperatures for optimal physical performance and wellness. This method helps reduce feelings of pain + soreness, improves mood, reduces inflammation, and enhances muscle recovery.
Incorporating contrast therapy into your routine can lead to a more balanced and rejuvenated body, making it an essential practice for overall health and wellness.
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Boston’s premier contrast therapy studio. Embrace the elements in our private infrared sauna and cold plunge suites with en-suite shower and entertainment.​
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