5 Ways SweatHouz Shows up for You


There’s no denying it – changing health behaviors is really tough for most of us. Why is this the case? Well, in a nutshell, changing your behavior requires you to disrupt your current habits and systems, while starting brand new ones.

At SweatHouz, we’re confident that our modalities will improve your mental and physical health, and with behavior change principles in mind, we’ve made the member experience as seamless as possible. Read more to learn about 5 evidence-based ways that SweatHouz can help you build healthy habits and reach your goals.

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5 Ways to improve.

When motivation to show up for your health feels fleeting, accountability and discipline are key concepts to lean into. Our mobile app helps you pre-book your appointments, enabling you to pencil that 1-hour reprieve into your schedule at least twice a week. And, our studio team members will be expecting to see you, greet you by name, and check in on how you’re progressing toward your goals.
Evidence suggests that social support increases your chances of maintaining your health behaviors over time. Scheduling a sweat with a friend or family member may help hold you accountable, while also doubling as social time. Plus, being part of the SweatHouz studio community empowers you to keep going; there’s something special about finding other like-minded people also focused on improving their health!
Have you heard of it? Habit stacking is exactly what it sounds like – stacking a new activity onto something you already do well. By using your already established routines to your advantage, you may be more likely to stick with your new health behavior over time. Here’s an example: Maybe your boutique fitness studio is in the same shopping center as SweatHouz, so you stack a SweatHouz visit onto your workout each Saturday morning. Once that Saturday appointment becomes a habit, add a second and third day each week!
We are dedicated to helping members better understand the mental and physical health benefits of our modalities. Our commitment to continuing education for studio staff is unmatched in the wellness space, and we pride ourselves on sharing approachable science-backed information on our social media channels and website.
That post-sweat, post-cold plunge feeling, you just can’t beat it! Research suggests that people who rely upon intrinsic motivation – like booking a cold plunge because you love how the dopamine rush makes you feel – rather than extrinsic motivation, are most likely to stick with their health behaviors over time. Our studio teams love to ask how your experiences were, helping you realize how great it feels to commit to your health.

We’re here to help you make small changes to build healthy habits! Take the first step in your preventative wellness journey today by booking an escape at your local studio.

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