Infrared Sauna Light Therapy With Chromotherapy


in the infrared sauna

Experience the calm. Pink supports cleansing the bloodstream of toxins, adds clarity and soothes your spirit.
Be courageous. Red excites your mind, stimulates your blood pressure and energizes your breathing.
Build confidence. Orange inspires enthusiasm and boosts energy with an encouragement towards action.
Stay optimistic. Bask in the radiance of yellow to enhance mental activity and improve digestion.
Bring on the balance. Green alleviates stress, benefits bones, joints, and eyes, and reduces inflammation.
Get clarity. Blue helps you find your center with higher mental activities, includes anti-infection properties.
Live inspired. Purple stimulates creativity, welcomes antiviral and lymphatic benefits, and neutralizes toxins.
Open your mind. Turquoise relaxes your thoughts, improves the immune system, and promotes healthy skin.
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Boston’s premier contrast therapy studio. Embrace the elements in our private infrared sauna and cold plunge suites with en-suite shower and entertainment.​
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