Infrared Saunas Live up to the Hype

Infrared Sauna VS
Traditional Sauna

First things first, SweatHouz uses full-spectrum infrared saunas, which provide a more comfortable and effective member experience than traditional steam saunas or steam rooms. Infrared works by emitting electromagnetic wavelengths that are invisible to the naked eye. The wavelengths penetrate the skin and soft tissue, heating the body from the inside, out.
The healing rays are absorbed by our bodies to help them relax, improve circulation, improve heart health, recover faster, detox, and age well. For optimal health benefits, we recommend sweating at least 2x/week, for a weekly total of 60-90 minutes in the infrared heat.

Health Benefits

Sauna is a passive heat stress on the body [1]. Heat stress increases core body temperature, promotes blood redistribution, and increases sweat production. This causes your heart rate, blood pressure and cardiac output to increase, similarly to how the cardiovascular system responds during a Zone 2 cardiovascular workout [2, 3]. As sauna use becomes part of your wellness routine, your body becomes more efficient at responding to this heat stress. This heat adaptation is linked to the following infrared sauna benefits:
1. Calorie Burn: Keeping the body cool during heat exposure is an energy-expensive process. Generally, as the heart rate increases to respond to the heat stress, more energy is needed during the sauna session and afterwards as the body thermoregulates, or cools back down.
2. Sweating + Detox: Heat stress activates a thermoregulatory response, where the body begins sweating to cool back down. Sweat is mainly composed of water and electrolytes but also contains toxins like heavy metals. And, you’ll sweat out toxins at a more comfortable air temperature than traditional steam saunas.
3. Post-Workout Recovery: Infrared saunas can reduce inflammation and feelings of pain, helping you recover from the stresses of everyday life and tough workouts. By prioritizing recovery, you may limit feelings of muscle soreness and tension. Recovering between workouts, both mentally and physically, can also improve performance.
4. Reduced Mortality Risk: Studies from Finland, a culture where saunas are widely used throughout the lifespan, show that regular sauna use is linked to reduced early death from all causes [4]. Using an Infrared sauna 4+ times per week for years is associated with a 40% lower all-cause mortality rate. Wow!
5. Improved Mental Health and Brain Health: A similar study from Finland showed that men who used the sauna frequently had better mental health than other men [5]. Plus, early evidence suggests some potential neuroprotective benefits of regular sauna use, meaning that sauna use may reduce the risk of conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease.
6. Reduced Inflammation and Pain Management: Evidence supports the use of saunas as part of a symptom management plan for people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions [6]. Additionally, some research suggests a reduction in pain for individuals experiencing tension headaches!
7. Better Heart Health: Making saunas a key component of your routine longterm can improve your heart health. For instance, one big study showed a 30% risk reduction in cardiovascular disease from using the sauna 2-3x/week [7].

Our Infrared Saunas also use Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is a holistic health tool that may alter your mood. Chromotherapy (different color lights) is available as part of our infrared sauna experience to help members create a relaxing environment customized to their preferences. You can choose from energizing or calming colored lights to match your vibe.

Recommendations for Getting Started

Check out tips from our experts before joining us for your first infrared sauna session:
Members have access to their personal sauna suites for an hour, and we recommend spending no more than 45 minutes in the infrared sauna. This leaves 15 minutes to shower and refresh before leaving the studio. If it’s your first time, try a 25-30 minute sweat at around 140*F, monitoring how you feel and adjusting as needed. You’ll work your way up to longer sweats as your body acclimates to heat stress.
Sweating is part of your body’s normal response to heat exposure. In fact, sweating helps keep your body cool for as long as possible. Make sure you’re hydrated, and don’t hesitate to bring a water bottle with you into the sauna.
Check with your doctor before adding infrared sauna sessions into your preventative wellness routine. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those with blood pressure or known heart conditions, should avoid using the infrared sauna.

The bottom line? The infrared sauna is much more than a hot trend; this wellness modality is linked to convincing benefits like better heart health, improved skin health, and boosted mood. Experience the healing power of heat exposure and infrared light therapy by booking your first session today!

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