Celebrating Mother’s Day With SweatHouz and How SweatHouz Caters to Moms

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At SweatHouz, we believe mothers deserve more than just a single day of recognition. But, we also celebrate and support mothers any chance we get; helping mothers stay committed to their mental and physical health every day of the year is a top priority of ours. Hear from wellness experts, who also happen to be moms, about the importance of prioritizing health and how SweatHouz can be a key component of your preventive wellness routine.

Health is multi-faceted.

The science is clear: wellness is complex. Lilly Malardie, MPH , exercise physiologist, and mother shares that “the main dimensions of wellness include emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, and spiritual” wellness. The physical dimension of wellness can include “being physically active, eating nutritious foods, managing any health conditions, and getting adequate sleep,” says Malardie.
And, the emotional dimension of health includes “managing your stress in healthy ways, feeling positive and enthusiastic about your life, and recognizing and accepting your values and attitudes,” she adds.
“Someone could be struggling with one (or potentially all) of these domains,” explains Dr. Brittany LeBoeuf , exercise scientist and mom of two. “Additionally, some domains may be more malleable than others given an individual’s unique situation,” she adds.

Prioritizing the dimensions of mental and social health is key for moms, according to exercise scientist, online fitness coach, and mom Shelby Peterson, MS . “Most people are familiar with physical wellness – staying active with physical activity and eating a nutrient dense diet – but we are less familiar as a whole on mental and social health,” she says. “That includes taking care of oneself through stress management, setting boundaries in personal and professional life, and paying attention to what allows you to thrive in those scenarios,” Peterson adds.

Self Care isn't selfish.

“Taking care of your health is not selfish,” says Dr. Leboeuf. She adds, “as a mom, you have the innate desire to care for your family. However, it is easy to take care of everyone else before realizing that you haven’t been properly caring for yourself.”
Putting your health behaviors on the back burner can come at a cost, though, and Dr. Leboeuf warns that, “often, it takes an event where your health compromises your ability to care for your family to realize that you need to take better care of yourself.” At SweatHouz, we are committed to meeting you where you are NOW to positively impact your health for the future.

Plus, evidence suggests that children model health behaviors they see from their parents. Malardie reflects that prioritizing her health “can positively impact (her) son – he’s seeing (her) engaging in healthy behaviors, and therefore being a positive role model in his life!.”

Echoing this sentiment, Peterson explains that staying committed to her wellness routine allows her to “spend time with (her) daughter on the floor, as well as take her for a hike where she’s carrying her the whole time.” She adds, sticking with her non-negotiables allows her “to show her daughter what a healthy life looks like, and give her that knowledge early in life.”

Moms Face Barriers to Prioritizing Wellness

There’s no denying that parents wear many hats at once. “Entering parenthood and other life-changing instances can really disrupt someone’s wellness,” according to Dr. Leboeuf. This may be in part due to the additional barriers mothers experience as their families grow.
One of the main barriers that moms report is time. Malardie explains that “many mothers are managing the household, work, and also caring for their children,” and “many times, this results in our own self care and personal health priorities to be lower on our to-do list.” No matter the age of your children, there is always a significant portion of your day “dedicated to taking care of children, feeding them, getting them to activities, that leaves less time available for moms to prioritize healthy behaviors,” adds Peterson.
Emotional barriers may also come into play. For example, Malardie says she has “spoken to many mothers who feel guilty for taking time for themselves if it is not contributing to their family or children.” She reminds us that “how we think about our goals and our perceived ability to achieve them can absolutely play a role in adherence and success.” Helping moms feel deserving of self-care and confident in the health behavior decisions they’re making can go a long way.

3 Strategies that Help Moms Stick with it.

SweatHouz was built with moms and busy parents in mind. Plus, our experts offer three strategies to help you start or stay committed to your wellness routine: Identify your Current Routine and any Barriers, Set SMART Goals, and Recognize your Non-Negotiables.

Malardie recognizes that “one of the main strategies that can assist with approaching a health commitment is identifying what your current routine and barriers are.” Think of this as taking an inventory of your current barriers to determine if they are physical ones (time, energy) or mental (for example, mom guilt). 

Once the barriers are identified, you can look for “opportunities to create a realistic plan,” she adds. To get started with managing any barriers you face, Malardie recommends thinking through your current schedule by asking yourself questions, like:

  • What time do you wake up?
  • What time do you work?
  • How many hours of sleep are you currently getting?
  • What times of the day would it be possible to fit in additional activity or heal-supporting activities.
  • Is there anything you can make easier to achieve that goal (ex: laying our workout clothes the night before)?

Dr. Leboeuf recommends setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound) for health behaviors. “I find that with Moms, they often struggle with the ‘attainable’ and ‘realistic’ aspects the most. A lot of active Moms were able to exercise 5-6 days per week for 1+ hours prior to having kids.

Once they become a parent, that sort of exercise schedule may not be realistic or attainable,” she says. Rather, “it is important to set goals that make sense for your life right now.” Maybe that means booking 1 infrared sauna session each week and sticking with the commitment for the next several months before reassessing, for example.

Peterson is a huge fan of identifying your non-negotiables and setting yourself up for success with prioritizing them. She explains that “non-negotiables can look like always getting in a walk, where some days it may be short and some days it is long, based on how much time you have. 

Everyone will have different non-negotiables, but finding what those are for you and setting those as your “bare minimum requirement” daily can allow you to take on a more some over none mentality (as opposed to all or nothing!). 

Not every day is going to be doable to hit every commitment you’re wanting to make, but finding ways to still get some done can help you in the long run!” Losing the ‘all or nothing’ mentality in favor of the ‘consistency beats perfection’ mentality sounds good to us!

The preventive wellness solutions at SweatHouz may be just what the moms in your life are looking for - gift them a service at a SweatHouz location near you today. With all packs being 25% off the month of May, there is no better time to give the gift of self-care to the special women in your life!

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