Embrace the Summer Sweat: Why Infrared Saunas are Essential in the Summer, Too


It’s tempting to ditch the infrared sauna in exchange for a cold plunge as the summer heats up. Before you freeze your sweat sessions, read more to learn how the health benefits of SweatHouz infrared saunas last year round.

01. Heat Acclimation

Embracing the infrared sauna can serve as a smart strategy to acclimate your body to the sweltering heat of summer. When you expose yourself to deliberate heat stress from the infrared sauna regularly, your body begins to develop more efficiency with its response, similarly to how your body adapts to other positive stressors – like exercise.
This process, known as heat acclimation, allows your body to sweat more efficiently, improving thermoregulation and enhancing your overall tolerance to heat. This may make your time spent outside more enjoyable, even on hot days!

02. Sticking to your Routine.

Sticking to your wellness routine can be difficult with a summer schedule that includes vacations, kids home from school, and prioritizing time with family and friends. Studies suggest that adopting a flexible mindset around health and wellness goals can help you manage expectations and maintain your progress when times get tough. This may mean opting for a 25-minute sweat session instead of your typical 45-minute one, or it may mean bringing a visiting family member to the studio with you and booking a double suite. With our growing footprint, SweatHouz is ready to partner with you to stick with your mental and physical wellness regimen this summer.

03. Manage your Stress.

Once you try a private SweatHouz infrared sauna suite experience, you’ll know that it offers the perfect escape to unwind and relax. The gentle infrared heat promotes relaxation, relieves tension and inflammation, and encourages the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones, that can help you maintain a positive mindset amidst the busyness of summer.
Plus, a large cohort study from Finland suggests that adults who regularly used the sauna had better mental health – as in, lower incidence of anxiety and depression, and better stress management – than infrequent sauna users.

04. Keep your Skin Healthy.

A glowing complexion is always in style, and our full spectrum infrared wavelengths can help improve your skin tone and texture through cellular regeneration and collagen production. In addition, our en-suite Vitamin C showers refresh and re-energize your skin, leaving your skin rehydrated and moisturized post-sweat.

05. Manage your Weight.

It goes without saying that weight management is more complex than simply balancing calories in (food + diet) and calories out. Regularly engaging in healthy habits like physical activity, fueling yourself well, sleeping enough, and managing your stress all come into play. Spending time in the infrared sauna may also be one important component of your energy balance puzzle, as it is ‘energy expensive’ to expose yourself to high temperatures for extended periods of time.
While you relax in the infrared heat, your body is hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and working to regulate your body temperature – and this translates to burning calories during and after your sauna session.

If you’re looking to add healthy heat to your wellness routine, visit this post to learn more about how to get started safely. We can’t wait for you to make this summer one of self-care, relaxation, and improved well-being with the power of SweatHouz infrared saunas.

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