Why You Should Add SweatHouz to Dad’s Toolbox

Although the ‘gift of health’ sounds cliche, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Practicing self-care has become an essential part of a dad’s toolbox when it comes to prioritizing mental and physical health in order to be a better father, better partner, and even a better boss or employee. This Father’s Day, June 18th, SweatHouz is spotlighting self-care for dads everywhere! Read more to learn why.


Healthier Fathers equals Healthier Families.

Science suggests that the health of fathers influences the health of their families. Not only do children watch and mimic the health behaviors of their parents, but recent research also demonstrates that when fathers’ mental health declines, so does the quality of their co-parenting relationships. The domains of health and wellness – like physical, mental, emotional, social – are all connected. Thus, engaging in preventive strategies that promote physical and mental wellness is something all dads should strive for.

Take it from Zane Clifton, a hard-working father of 2 and the Controller for Legacy Franchise Concepts, who shares that “as a father, mental and physical health is very important.” He adds that prioritizing physical health allows him to “go on countless adventures with (his) kids, like playing baseball outside, being able to pick (his) kids up when they fall, and more.” Further, Clifton focuses on maximizing his mental health because he “knows that if (his) mental health is in a good place, it allows (him) to be more patient and present” with his kids.

Of course, being a rockstar father and partner comes with more time commitments and competing priorities than many realize. For instance, Clifton explains that he faces “multiple barriers when it comes to prioritizing a wellness routine – whether it’s taking kids to daycare, sports practices, or different parties and playdates,” the days and weeks are fun but busy. Using strategies like recognizing your non-negotiables and planning ahead to include time for them in your weekly schedule, can be one step in the right direction.

Give the Gift of SweatHouz

Whether a dad in your life is looking for faster workout recovery, less stress, or even just a chance to escape the busyness of their day to day, gifting them a SweatHouz wellness experience is sure to leave them feeling recharged, both mind and body. We have two gift ideas for you to consider:

1. Date Night at our Houz.

If you’re looking for a date night (or day date) activity to celebrate your partner this Father’s Day, we suggest booking one of our private infrared sauna suites for 2. Indulge in a full 60-minutes in the privacy of your suite, enjoying up to a 45 minute sweat and 15-minutes in our Vitamin-C infused showers. Catch up on your favorite shows, find time alone to chat, or listen to your favorite playlist while you relax together.

2. Give the Gift of an Escape at SweatHouz.

Or, purchase a pack or membership option for a dad in your life, giving them the opportunity to try all of our wellness services this summer. The benefits of our wellness experiences are cumulative; the more you show up for yourself, the bigger the impact on your quality of life. Take it from Clifton, who shares “SweatHouz is the perfect gift for dads everywhere. Being able to sit in the sauna and gain health benefits, but also having that one hour of quiet and peaceful time pays off tremendously.”

Dads deserve self-care, too! To gift a father in your life a premium wellness experience, check out a location near you! And, take advantage of our Cold Plunge 10 Pack Sale!

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