Your Next Level Post-Workout Recovery at SweatHouz

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, recovery from training is becoming recognized as one of the most important aspects of an exercise program. Despite its vast list of health benefits, exercise is a type of physiological stress, and repeated stress that’s not followed by a chance to recover can increase the risk for injury, fatigue or lower performance in subsequent workouts.
You can think of recovery as the body’s processes for restoring homeostasis, or balance, after a challenging workout or training week. Furthermore, recovery is multidimensional and includes adequate sleep and rest, balanced nutrition, optimal hydration, and appropriate use of recovery modalities like those at SweatHouz.

Cool off in a Cold Plunge Post-Workout

Several studies have shown that cold plunging after a workout, or on your off days, can reduce inflammation, lessen feelings of muscle soreness, and leave you feeling refreshed mood-wise.
For instance, a recent meta-analysis, a study of studies, found that cold water immersion was better than passive rest for reducing feelings of soreness. Additionally, cold plunges may enhance circulation, facilitating the removal of metabolic waste products from your muscles.
One important nuance to consider is that, if one of your training goals is hypertrophy, or an increase in muscle size, studies suggest waiting until after the anabolic window to take a dip into cold therapy. This simply means booking your suite for ~4 hours post workout, or on your rest / active recovery days.
man in cold plunge tub

Relax and Recover in a Private Infrared Sauna Suite

In addition to promoting relaxation and a physical break from the busyness of life and training, infrared saunas can also reduce inflammation and feelings of pain. Plus, evidence suggests that using the sauna post-workout can in many ways, extend the cardiovascular response associated with a workout – potentially offering additional benefits when it comes to aerobic efficiency. Said another way, even regular exercisers with relatively high fitness levels can benefit from adding the infrared sauna into their recovery routines.

Book Time in our Recovery Room on your Off Days

Our Recovery Room by Hyperice offers innovative recovery technology that’s backed by science to reduce feelings of post-workout soreness, improve blood flow to the treatment area, and to promote better performance in your next workout. Take the NormaTec 3.0 compression boots for example.
Studies show that Normatec’s patented precision pulse technology can help increase circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, and help you recover from the soreness of a tough workout, giving you a ‘fresh legs faster’ feeling (Haun et al 2017, Winke 2018). Furthermore, Hyperice’s Venom uses a combination of heat, vibration and massage to reduce feelings of soreness, promote relaxation, and increase blood flow to the treatment area.

Putting it All Together

When it comes to Recovery experiences, SweatHouz has done all of the heavy lifting for you. Based on the science of recovery modalities, we recommend booking time in your local SweatHouz either immediately following your workouts or on your recovery days at least twice per week.
Sticking to a regular schedule helps you prioritize post-workout recovery as an integral part of your exercise regimen. After all, we believe that in order to live well, you must recover well.

Find a location near you today to take advantage of our science-backed tools that leave you feeling recharged, both body and mind.

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